Microblading at Bii in Crystal Lake — Perfect Eyebrows, Every Day

October 13, 2018

When you scroll through Instagram or flip through magazines, you quickly notice how stunning eyebrows transform a face. Yet for many—even the most minimal of makeup users—brow maintenance is a day-to-day task.


But you can have perfect eyebrows, every day, with no makeup and no mess. Make it easier on yourself! Pump up your brows with Microblading at Bii Natural Salon & Shop in Crystal Lake.


Bii team member Liliana is training with Havy Tran, founder of Chicago Microblading. As one of the top eyebrow professionals in the nation, Havy has showed Liliana how to use your own natural bone structure to define the perfect eyebrow shape for you. With enhanced brows, you can be up and out the door, complete with beautiful eyebrows, in no time.


What is Microblading


Microblading is a form of semi-permanent drawing done on eyebrows. Although sometimes referred to as a form of tattoo artistry, it is different. Tattoo artists use ink and a machine while Microblading is done by an individual artist who manually places pigment with small, crisp strokes. These individual strokes mimic natural hairs.


If you’ve stopped in our West Dundee location and have admired the eyebrows of James and Jacquelyn, this could be the process for you. The cost ranges from $450-$550, depending on the technique you choose, 3D or 6D. Stop by our either hair salon location today to learn more.


3D-Microblading for Brow Enhancement


If you already have eyebrows but are seeking fuller looking brows, try 3D Microblading. It is a go-to solution for clients who want to define their brows or cover gaps. Some who have over plucked their brows opt for 3D, too.


3D Microblading is the process of implanting cosmetic pigment into the upper dermis of the skin. It is done using a hand-tool to create the appearance of natural hair with defined hair strokes. The result is natural and realistic. The pigments can last for a year or more, depending on skin type and lifestyle. 


6D-Advanced Microblading and Shading 


For individuals with very thin eyebrows or very little eyebrow hair, 6D-Advanced Microblading is optimal. An artist creates the same hair-stroke effect used in 3D Microblading and also enhances the eyebrow area through shading, creating an even more dimensional and natural result.


As Microblading has gained popularity, 6D is the latest technique. Extremely thin tools are used to create varying strokes. This develops a realistic hair pattern. With this variance, artists achieve clean, crisp, natural looking brows, even on individuals without much of a natural eyebrow.


At Bii, we are dedicated to providing you with the best looks while using only products that are high performing, ethically sourced, and formulated with eco-friendly ingredients. So, you can be confident our Microblading processes uses the highest quality pigments that are vegan and cruelty free.


We know how difficult it can be to find the right artists for your salon services. Providing style and service that make you feel and look good is what we do. Get your eyebrows shaped and styled at Bii in Crystal Lake, we are committed to you being satisfied.


Contact us for a consultation today!

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