Gorgeous Hair Starts with Your Roots

June 12, 2018

If you want great hair—from lovely long locks to stylish short hair—you’ll need to have a healthy scalp. Bii Hair Salon owners James and Adam know the health of your scalp dictates how well (and how quickly) your hair will grow.


“Everyone knows your face needs cleansing and rejuvenation, yet many neglect to give the same care to the skin under their hair. But a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair,” says Adam.


To establish a strong foundation for your hair, you need to protect the health of your scalp. The face and scalp have a chemical absorption rate that is 5-10 times higher than the skin on the rest of your body. Because of this, up to 60% of cosmetic chemicals put on your skin enter your bloodstream.


When you use products made from naturally derived ingredients instead of potentially harmful chemicals, you keep yourself and your scalp safe.


At Bii, James and Adam recommend the Surface Awaken Line and a clear, natural regime to improve the health of your scalp and maintain it throughout the seasons.


  • Cleanse with a high quality, sulfate-free shampoo.

  • Stimulate with natural ingredients to increase circulation.

  • Rejuvenate with a mineral complex to support stronger, faster growing hair.

  • Revitalize follicles to reduce thinning hair and promote healthy hair.

  • Strengthen new emerging hair using a protein complex.


If you are looking for a new salon, know that the down-to-earth team at Bii Hair Salon will listen to you and give you the remarkable, stylish look you long for. All while using eco-friendly products that limit your exposure to harmful ingredients and chemicals.


Bii Hair Salon’s Happiness Guarantee is proof the team does whatever it takes to have you smiling at your refection in the mirror.


You can be beautiful while keeping the planet beautiful, and Bii Hair Salon can help. Stop in the salon to pick up your Surface Awaken products. Or book an appointment by calling 847.428.8821 or online at www.biihairsalon.com.



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