Put some zing in your spring hair...revamp your look to reflect 2018!

March 12, 2018

Well, just days ago the time changed yet again!  Daylight Savings Time urges us to spring ahead! Sure, we lose an hour of sleep, but it’s good advice.  Springtime. If the time changes, maybe you should too?


All the fashion magazines are running their feature stories on the fresh trends for spring 2018.  They are a good source of inspiration, from the timid to the daring. Thumbing pages can lead to fabulous changes.




Or, talk it up the next time you’re in the salon.  Your hair artist can advise you on shaking off winter blahs by means of a new haircut or hair color.  The wonders of modern cosmetology mean anything is possible. Really, anything. Just the proper tools and timing provided, along with the expertise of your hair stylist, and it’s a whole new you.


Some of the most powerful spring looks are always seen at New York Fashion Week.  Designers seek the best looks to showcase their talent, and that extends to hair. Many of the aforementioned magazines and hair artists take cues from the epicenter of trend that is NYFW.  


It seems the soft, beachy waves of last summer continue to be popular, as evidenced by being worn by model Gigi Hadid.  To vary the look for 2018, wearing your waves half up and half down brings a fresh variation. Hair from the front portion of your head being brought up in one magnificently Maleficent-esque bun. Or more innocently in two baby buns?  The possibilities are endless. Straight hair? Start by securing some subtle waves. Then apply hair accessories with abandon. A side part is fun too!


There are all kinds of bobs out there.  Textured bob. Stacked bob. Angled bob.  But 2018 will favor the incredibly powerful look of the blunt bob.  (See Gigi Hadid’s model sister, Bella.) Most likely no look is as high-end, as upper-crusty, as haute couture as the blunt bob.  The more severe, the better. Curly hair? Again, your hair artist can help you secure the hair products and tools needed to transform your bends into stick-straight strands of strength.  What a way to totally transform yourself!


And ponytails, they just scream summer.  If you’re close to ponytail length, get it go to grow now.  Ponies with big, bold hair bows are a thing. A thing that might be right for you.  Same with going from medium or long hair to a short, clean summer cut. These summer classics are always cool in every way.


Don’t forget about color!  Nothing says “change” and “new you” like a fresh hair color.  Last year’s color trends rose gold and lavender remain in 2018 as faves, but they’ve brought in their cousin “Opal.”  Opalescent hair colors that change with light and movement are subtle yet stunning to behold.


The time changed.  Will you? Think about it.  Visit the salon. Check out some looks in magazines or online.  Then make the Great 2018 Change that is all you!


Appointments at bii hair salon are available by calling 847.428.8821 or online at www.biihairsalon.com.


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