Balayage 2018: give the gift of an inspired look

December 14, 2017

So who needs a new a new haircut, new style or new hair color for the new year?  


It might be someone on your Christmas list?  Someone who has been thinking about changing their look but just hasn’t got around to it or just doesn’t quite have the nerve?  Well, you can help them along by giving them a gift card to a salon near them...Bii Hair Salon.  Or maybe consider giving yourself the gift of stunning highlights for 2018.


The biggest thing in hair today is balayage.  Bii happens to be one of the best salons for balayage ever!  The powers that be at Bii have perfected their balayage technique so far as to create an industry-wide product, Balay Powder, to ensure the best results possible.




The incredible thing about balayage is you or your gift recipient are in control.  You’re not foisting the unknown on your family or friend receiving your gift card.  Nor are you treading unsure water about how the look will turn out.  The blonde or color highlights can be wherever you choose and as much as you choose.  


Another beautiful thing about balayage, beyond your fabulous hair, is that once the look is created it takes little maintenance.  No rigid schedule of touchups.  No obvious outgrowth lines.  Subtle.  Natural.  Art.


The Bii Team is always ready to give you ideas for balayage, discuss prices and help you determine which haircut will best suit you and your new adventure in color.  Balayage works well with long hair, short hair, curly hair and for women or men.


Gift cards are the perfect way to treat yourself or someone special to you.  Balayage and a fresh cut are a great way to use that gift card!


Between December 19 and 25, Bii is offering exception pricing on gift cards.  Purchase online save!


Here’s how it works.  Purchase between $50 and $100 in gift certificates and receive a five percent savings.  For a purchase of $100 to $250, you’ll receive 10 percent off.  Spend $250 to $500 and the discount is 15 percent.  At $500 - $1000, the savings is 20 percent.  If purchases total $1000 or more, you save 25 percent.


To purchase your gift card, the portal to beautiful balayage, just use promo code BiiJolly2017 when purchasing gift cards on our Web site.  Your giftees will love you!


A gift card could be an even greater gift to yourself if you figured the total of your annual visits to Bii, buy a gift card in that amount.  Savings all across 2018!



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