Wedding Prom Graduation? Book early for big days!

April 11, 2017

Spring has sprung and that means the time of traditions is upon us.  Proms, graduations, weddings...big events that need a lot of planning.  The perfect dress.  The perfect shoes.  The precision tux. Just right accessories to create that perfect look.


When envisioning the big picture, how does it all look?  How do YOU look?  Be sure you look even better than all those perfect external choices you made by including professional hair and makeup for your big event.


Bii Hair Salon is always primed and ready to offer our expertise to ensure a great look on a big day.


It’s not too soon to make appointments for those special days either.  All too often your fave hair artist is booked months in advance.  It would not be good for you to dial in to reserve your appointment, only to be told there’s nothing available!


By making your appointment well in advance, it’s guaranteed that you will have the time slot you need and want for both hair and makeup.  Same for the guys.  No waiting until the last minute to clean up that cut!.


As the right look is very important, it might be wise to make a couple of “test drive” appointments.  One or two a few weeks before your big day to try different looks, maybe using different hair accessories, makes it easier to determine which look is THE look for you.


Reserving your dates and times is especially important in the case of a bridal party.  The best way to make certain everyone is all together in pursuit of looking their best is to carve out the time and hair artists necessary to make the magic happen all at once.


When calling to book your appointment(s), if your hair artist will be new to you, be sure to give a little information about the current state of your hair, e.g. length, texture, condition, and what look it is you’d like to attain.  Same would be true for members of your bridal party.


Even if your hair artist is familiar with you, it’s always helpful to bring a picture of what you seek as it makes the consultation easier.  Even more important if your relationship with the hair artist is a new one.


The dress, suit, shoes, accessories, tux...they’re all important.  But your hair can make or break your look.  Be prepared!  Reserve your day and time in the hair artist’s chair ASAP.  It’s will guarantee one more thing will be just perfect.



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