This holiday season boost your beauty quotient with balayage!

October 18, 2016

At what price beauty?  When referring to the beauty of highlights, the cost was pain!

Back in the day, you sat while your dry hair was covered plastic wrap and then an incredibly tight “frosting cap” was forced down on your head. Crochet hooks were then poked through pre-punched holes in the cap and bits of your hair was dragged out through the hole.  Even the most skilled hair artist found it difficult to avoid hurting their patron.

Once the spray of hair bits was out of the cap, bleach would be applied. Once rinsed, it was possible to get a result that was pleasing, but in some cases an unnoticed tear in the cap caused bleeding of the bleach below, resulting in large patches of “blonde.”

It was risky business.

The advent of “foils” reduced the risk and the pain.  The process of foiling was an advance, both in hair artist skill and end result.  Control over process and product was greater, and the look, done well, was well accepted.

Yet despite added skill sets and advancement in product, foiling was still largely “mechanics.”  The results were hard and defined. This bee can tell you, anyone can learn to “do hair.”  The best hair on the planet though, is done by the accomplished mechanic who is also an artist.

Enter “balayage.” A French word meaning “to sweep.” You’ve no doubt heard the word in media, but may or may not understand the result. This revolutionary technique truly puts the art in hair artistry.





Balayage is gradient hair (think hombre), created by painting a lightening agent on the hair, against a backboard…freehand. Once painted, they sections are covered with cellophane.

You and the hair artist are in complete control of where your highlights appear, and to what degree.  No cookie-cutter spacing like a cap or even with foils.

Balayage is random, by design.  It’s effective for all hair lengths – from the shortest to longest, for me or women – and done as a lot or a little. The relaxed nature of the look also allows more flexibility in time between appointments. Balayage effect eliminates harsh lines of demarcation that scream “unnatural” or “touch up time!”

Balayage is the moment. The look is free and easy, casual and natural. A perfect way to be cutting edge while looking your very best.


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