Long for thick hair? Have itchy scalp? Dandruff? Welcome to the World of Awaken by Surface

December 26, 2016

A new year approaches. Followed all too quickly by another spring. Both marks in the passage of time signal new awakenings and resolves. When it comes to your hair, Bii Hair Salon’s product partner Surface has just what your hair needs in its Awaken line.


As with all products offered by Bii, the Awaken line too is sulfate-free and bent on being naturally best for your hair.


Awaken shampoo cleans hair and scalp with assists from babassu, coconut and palm oils. At the same time,  circulation to the scalp is given a boost by hints of cayenne pepper, mint leaf and peppermint oil. The feeling is obvious and awesome!


As an anti-aging element; a mineral complex of silica, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc is added for cellular rejuvenation.  These minerals support healing and the development of healthy skin cells.  This in turn promotes a healthy scalp, which is essential to strong hair.


Awaken’s amino acid complex helps repair damage while promoting healing in the scalp and a reduction of free radicals in the skin.


Botanical extracts like saw palmetto work to revitalize and strengthen hair follicles by reducing dihydrotestosterone (DTH). DTH is the culprit that can cause miniaturization of hair follicles; which results in weak, thinning hair. This ultimately leads to hair loss.


The shampoo’s parting punch is a the strength of Trinity Protein Complex. This blend of organic amaranth, soy and keravis strengthens newly emerging hair.


Next up is Awaken conditioner, which also works naturally to strengthen your hair and stimulate your scalp while revitalizing both. The conditioner also works its magic to provide anti-aging properties to hair and seal in color.


The conditioner works wonders on a vast variety of scalp challenges including thinning hair, dandruff,  psoriasis and itchy scalp.


Awaken Treatment and Awaken Masque can go even further in solving your all the issues listed above, while adding a dash of detoxification.


Beyond clean...on to THICK.  Awaken styling products contain flexible organic amaranth proteins which strengthen and thicken fine hair.  They add volume and provide lasting hold to your finished style.


If your perfect look includes thicker hair, the Awaken Thickening Spray, Thickening Mousse, Thickening Cream or Awaken Mist might be just what you need!


Your Bii hair artist is always happy to show and tell products with you.  Mention Awaken and learn even more directly from the experts!


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