Hair today, gone tomorrow? Maybe…

November 16, 2016

A bit of psychology as to why some never change their look

Back in the day, Bizzy liked taking master classes.  These gatherings of hair gurus not only made those of us in attendance better haircutters and colorists, they also brought in experts to help us understand the human canvasses upon which we apply our art.


People are complicated, they said. We were aghast to learn not everyone comes into the salon thrilled to be there, and worse, not everyone is thrilled when they leave!  Our job, beyond the art and mechanics, includes helping people get past some pretty solid barriers.  The biggest of those being self.

We learned why some women feel obligated to keep long hair despite the fact it is no longer healthy hair or attractive hair. Why? One reason, we learned, is the men in their lives want them to have long hair. Why? The social psychologist told us it plays into attraction myths. That a woman with long hair, no matter how old, can be a young girl if a man squints well enough. The hair defines youth.  We all laughed, but in many cases, this is true.

Another barrier is a woman’s own sense of self.  Many women, we were advised, tend to cling to hairstyles they had when they felt they were “in their prime.” That remaining steadfast in a particular look will ensure the feelings of the time of its origin.

For hair artists, it is always a pleasure to maintain a guest’s cherished look.  But, know your hair artist also is there to help you look and feel your best today.  Change can be scary, but in terms of your hair, your Bii artist is as well-trained and cutting edge as they come.  Maybe 2017 is the year to mix it up a little?

Not ready to change your cut?  Play with a bit of subtle color instead.  Lift or darken a shade or two.  Try balayage for breezy highlights.  Explore a change in length gradually.  Or get bold and change it up, radical.  

The best part of daring to be daring grows back.  In fact,  in some cases of dramatic change many found their best new look in the process of growing out their experiment. Mid-stages can reveal stellar looks.

Just think about it. They whys and wherefores of your current style.  Know that the Bii team is ready, willing and able to help you nuance any foray into change you choose. Consultation is key. You rock, and we want everyone who beholds you to know it!

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