Dark hair to light takes much more than ‘Hocus, Pocus!’

November 3, 2016

Back in the day, there was a movie that featured a “beautician.” Not a term used any longer, but it’s relative to my narrative. An elderly woman with extremely short, thinning gray hair sits in her hair artist’s chai. She’s handed a picture of a celebrity with thick, lush, longer hair and says “I want to look just like this!”

Uh…not possible, and the lasting quote that came of that scene was “I’m a beautician, not a magician.”

So it is with the illustrated look.  Possible, yes. Possible in a single appointment, no.  Why?  It’s not magic.  It’s science and skill.

Going from very dark to very light hair is a process by every definition of the word.

Bii Hair Salon takes the art of hair color very seriously. Team members include educators for Pravana, one of the nation’s top lines in color and hair care.  Considerable time and study goes into the making of an exceptional colorist, and your hair artist does that work so you don’t have to.

Coaxing deep pigment from hair takes consideration, time, science, skill and care.

Traits of your very unique hair need to be assessed.  Depth of natural color, presence of any added color, texture, porosity, condition, length, and look desired…all things considered and evaluated before beginning.


Only then can your hair artist have an educated opinion as to how much time the effort will take in terms of visits.  The illustration suggests the journey from extremely dark to extremely light took at least eight visits to the salon.

A professional and proper lift, however, insures your color will be true to your desired look and your hair will retain as much integrity as possible.

Your result will be worth the effort and patience. Beautiful and done correctly, so maintaining your new blonde is more fun than ever.

Not sure?  The extended education of a professional colorist can help via a consultation before you commit. They aren’t clairvoyant either, but they can effectively see enough of the future to let you know if your blonde dream can come true.

And don’t try this at home!  As a teenage bee, Bizzy thought she could color her long dark hair blonde because the picture on the box from the drug store said so.  A blaze orange pixie cut later, she realized the box would only lift two levels, tops.

Professional color in the first place…much less expensive than professional color correction and worth every penny to a new, ethereal blonde you.

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