Holiday time crunch? Be beautified and get gifts at the same time!

November 16, 2017

Everywhere you look or listen, the holidays are making their approach known.  As the big days creep closer, time will get tighter and tighter for many people.  If you’re one of them, consider this...better book your holiday hair appointment NOW.  Your favorite hair artist is one of those busy people, getting busier by the minute.  So choose your perfect time and book now, that way there’s no disappointment or facing “do-it-yourself” ‘dos!


If your fave hair artist is already booked, Bii Hair Salon has among its ranks a trio of Bii Team hair artists ready, willing and able to help you rock the holidays.  


Liliana is all about hair.  All about YOUR hair.  As a young girl, she relished the fine arts of beauty, but set her passion aside to go to college and management?!?!  Yes, she wanted her family to be proud of her, and thought a career in that direction would do the job.  But, it didn’t speak to Liliana.  After having a child of her own, she realized there’s more to happiness than trying to make others happy.  She needed a career she would love, to better life for her and her son.  Luckily for Liliana (and you), hair was still there.  Cosmetology and Liliana were made for each other.  She’s what you’d call “a natural.” She studied hard and has made it to her well-earned place behind the chair at Bii.  She’ll be happy to make your holidays brighter!


Kat went directly to beauty school, did pass “Go” and has collected her $200+++.  It’s hard to say whether she drives her talent or her talent drives her. Though Kat does it all...cuts, styling, color...she prides herself on being first and foremost a consummate haircutter.  And while her clientele includes all, she thinks of herself as “a woman’s woman.”  Meaning she has the ability to bring out the best in women who sit in her chair.  Her path to that is words.  She’s a strong communicator, and will get to the bottom of exactly what look you need and want.  Her expertise expands to the hair “problems” facing teens and young women.  Deck your halls with a cut by Kat.


Adam has returned to life behind the chair after applying his business degree to work human resources for heavy-hitting companies and being behind-the-scenes at Bii. His left brain brilliance with numbers, however, never quite took over his right brain need to create. His fave From the confines of his family kitchen years ago he learned both the basic mechanics and boundless ability to create via hair.  Today he’s once again flexing his artistic muscles, elevating beauty appointment by appointment.. Book with Adam and your look will jingle all the way.


Appointments with these three wise hair artists or anyone “elf” on the Bii team by calling 847.428.8821 or book online at


While in salon, be sure to check out a great gift option!  The elf in you can check out the huge selection of magnificent, natural hair care products on the shelf to create custom “Holiday Duos.”


Holiday Duos as a gift idea has always been a project where the Bii powers that be choose pairs of product to offer as a discounted duo.  The trick there for you was matching a prepared package with someone you know.  This year...YOU choose!


You can truly consider your gift recipient’s specific needs when selecting products to put together.  Anyway you want them.  Once you choose, you’ll receive 20 percent off both, determined by the lower-priced item.  (Odd number items are full price.  Duos do not include “try me” or trial sizes.


Selections are vast and varied, and at an optimum right now!



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