Your salon can be a portal to other worlds

May 16, 2017

Imagine you and your girlfriends having a salon day.  It can be either glam or goofy.  Or the other day Bii Hair Salon guru James and his guest visited another world she’d brought to him as a request.  She came to his chair as herself.  She left an early 20th-century goddess, head adorned with the almost-lost art of finger waves.

For the brief time between washings this guest of James was visiting another self.  Such is the magic of hair art.

A change in cut, color or styling can go a long way toward curing a case of the blues or elevating an already blithe spirit.  It can be a solo experience, or the perfect girls day.

  1. The lot of you getting sophisticated up-dos and full makeup, then making the trek to your fave fast-food place.  The pack of you will rule!

Or dabble in temporary color, either by process or extensions.  

Summer is the perfect time for some ornate braiding.


Nothing shakes up a workplace like a stunning change in a co-worker.  What would the day be like if you showed up with a drastic, daring haircut?  Or beautifying the room by sporting a stunning balayage.on your once same-old hair?

And you might inspire at the same time.  A friend recently told me a co-worker chose to cut her shoulder-length hair into a sassy bob because she was inspired by my friend’s look.

Texture by styling is probably the easiest, least permanent way to explore your other selves.  Change your straight hair to sleek waves, countless curls or a sexy tousled look and once again you’re a you who just isn’t quite the old you.

Hair is everywhere...movies, TV, social media, print material,  Take note of what inspires you and even better, take a picture to show your hair artist.  Then the two of you can create “The Great Gatsby” girl or “Mad Max” mama in you.

Visiting the salon doesn’t have to be all business every time.  Having a little fun with your look will not only give you a boost or ideas for more permanent changes, it will be fun and rewarding for your hair artist too.

To guarantee the best of success, when making your appointment be sure to leave a message for your hair artist leaving a clue as to what you’d like to do.  That way they have time to ruminate on their creation and do any research they might need in advance.

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