Summertime is the perfect time to take a shortcut!

May 1, 2017

As the days get wider and warmer, to you ever entertain the idea of change?  A big change in your look?  For your hair?  Something shorter, neater, cuter and sweeter?


Warmer temps make us want to get the hair off our necks. Sure, you can always ponytail up, but that’s not always the most professional look.  Maybe it’s time to cut that mane.  Just to see what it’s like again.  It’s not like it won’t grow back to exactly the way it is now.  It will.  


It sounds simple too.  A nice, short haircut for summer.  So you go to the Internet for some ideas. Whoa!  There they are...50 hottest short summer hairstyles, 42 pixie cuts for summer 2017 (there are really 42?), Vogue’s “The Short Hair Phenomenon - Cool Cuts for Summer.”  Oh, and don’t forget Pinterest.  Short haircuts weigh in there in volumes!


So how, from myriad ideas, do you choose?  And if you do choose, is that cut right for you?  For your lifestyle?  For your face shape?  Wardrobe? You also have to consider what’s best for your hair type and texture.  The right choice on the page or screen could end up a manageability disaster.

One way to check out a new ‘do looks without harming a single hair on your head is to upload a photo of yourself into any of the many virtual stylers online.  That way you can see how you look and love it or not accordingly.


If you do find a look that seems just right, be sure to create a copy of the image of your face with your considered cut to take to the salon.


Then you go see your hair artist.  Your hair artist knows your hair probably better than you do.  They’re well versed in issues of density, texture and those little idiosyncrasies that could make you go “Noooooooo!”  


Things such as a “jumpy” growth direction that’s not a problem with your long hair weighing it down.  But cut that hair short for bangs and that one little group of 17 hairs could be sticking straight up over your left eye!  Or longtime long hair being cut short and over the ear at the sides...only to realize that although you’re not Asian, somewhere in your DNA something gave you properties of Asian hair.  That when being cut short, it can stick straight out from the side of your head!


Shaking up your look by cutting your hair is brave and bold, and right now tres trendy.  Give it a thought.  Take a look at the countless photos on the Internet, then come have a chat with your hair artist.  Whatever you decide, it’s not forever unless you want it to be.


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