Earth Month. Earth Day. Earth-loving salon.

April 20, 2017

The strongest premise in Bii culture is beautiful you, beautiful earth.  The two are co-defined and intertwined to our thinking, and we are dedicated to a green world via green lifestyle.

Our green efforts within the salon are many.

Our energy consumption is offset by wind power supplied by Ambit.  Wind turbines convert the energy of air/wind to electricity that is clean and does not promote any greenhouse gases.

Bii is lit by LED lighting, which promotes lower energy consumption and lasts longer than conventional bulbs.

We carry product lines that include eco-friendly incentives like packaging that is biodegradable, meaning once it enters a landfill the enzymes will begin to break down within 250 days,without damaging the environment.

Twice a year the Bii team hits the road near the salon to clean its Adopt-A-Highway half mile.  Participation in the program ensures a beautiful community and cleaner environment.

All Bii business cards and service menus are printed on 60 percent post-consumer recycled materials.  All are printed with soy ink. Printer paper also is recyclable. Same with bags for retail purchases.

Cleaning products are carefully selected. Those that are naturally/organically made are chosen so as to not harm people or places.  All paper towels, toilet paper and tissues used are made from premium recycled paper without any added fragrances or dyes.  Trash bags also are post-consumer recycled materials.

The washer and dryer do their work in the greenest way possible, using less water and energy than standard washer/dryer combos.  Shampoo bowls have water-efficient water faucets installed.

Bii makes use of a recycling program for all color tubes.  Used tubes are sent to a processing agency where they are cleaned of all color residues and then recycled.

Magazines and batteries are collected and taken to the appropriate recycling facility.

Within the salon, more than 50 pounds of regular-use paper and plastic items are recycled through our partnership with G2 Revolution (Go Green), an innovative recycling company that serves to recycle tools used in cosmetology schools, barber shops and hair salons.  Materials previously destined for an eternity in landfills can now be recycled to promote sustainability.  

All receipts are sent to guests via e-mail, eliminating paper waste. Nothing is printed.

Foils used in highlighting are made from recycled content and are fully recyclable through our partnership with G2 Revolution.

Bii Hair Salon is a member The Conservation Foundation, a nonprofit land and watershed organization promoting stewardship toward the environment.

Bii Hair Salon is proud to be a recipient of the Green Expo Award, and to be a sponsor of Elgin Climate Change Organization Green Expo and the McHenry County College Sustainable Green Living Expo.



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