At the root of retail:  It’s actually about education

February 28, 2017

Bii Hair Salon will always consider its philosophies and pledge to the planet when considering any retail item or promotional service.  Remaining true to nature sits at the very top of the product list.


Luckily, much of the world is onboard with the same philosophy, with more becoming aware all the time.  So tasking product that is environmentally safe and serious is becoming easier.


Bii doesn’t approach promotion of an item as “ on sale,” but rather as an education. Providing details about how a product works and what it does for the guest is foremost, supplemented by complementary trials and samples..


Primary retail offerings appear on the salon spotlight table, and on mirror clings at each station where they are easily seen by our guests. Secondary retail offerings are on the secondary retail shelf at the station with an actual product on display. Any service focus is on the mirror cling as well.


So no one misses products being featured, the artist reviews these items at the station with guests so they know what is available.  At time of greeting from guest services, the offer being featured is mentioned and guests are told their hair artist has more details.


The same mages developed by a graphic designer and seen in salon are used in bi-weekly email newsletters as well as posted on multiple social media platforms.


In winter, events like Holiday Open House offer a once-a-year open stock product at 15 percent off.  This allows guests to build their own gift packages based on the favorites they and family/friends like


In summer, we host the Summer “Litership” Sale  Liters are 25 percent off for a guest when they buy the duo. The liters provide three times the shampoo and 5.5 times the conditioner, and serve as an eco-initiative in reducing the consumption of plastic.  


Salon spotlight table is a display that features the primary retail focus, and the place the “story” is told.  For example in May for earth month, a container is placed for all the “drug store” brands people brought in to trade in and trade up to professional products.  We recycle the containers for the guests. This gives people a visual of products not performing for other guests, to encourage them to bring in their own for the trade in and trade up.


In quiet sales months like February, we applied a Valentine theme and packaged “pairs” of retail items people might not have considered using together. Wrapped with a big red bow.


The best part of this was we also incorporated gift certificate “pairs.” Like “color touch up with a cut” to show someone you love them. We made it easy for a wife to suggest the idea to a husband, who could purchase a package online or at the salon.



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