Salon Today 200 Award Number 3 - Growth

February 14, 2017

How Bii Hair Salon expands its horizons


Many a business owner refers to their effort as “my baby.” So it’s fitting that a business, like a baby, should be healthy as possible...and grow.


While it may seem that growing baby Bii Hair Salon is reliant on the efforts of owners James Gartner and Adam Swanlund, like the African proverb says “It takes a village.” The village in this case is the entire Bii team.


“Our team's ability to act and respond quickly to an ever-changing industry allows our company to continue to grow. The team believes in the culture and direction the company is going and everyone participates in defining and refining operations. Everyone can ‘act as an owner’," Adam said.

The company feels three concepts light the path to company growth:

  • Refinement of salon levels; education programs; and use of travelers, Bii’s custom guest histories/reference guide.

  • Focus on community-based activities and support

  • Streamlined education and promotion alignment


Salon levels are defined to create clear distinction between lower- and higher-level stylists. This refinement allowed our traveler program to be used more effectively.

Each artist has to meet the minimum technical requirements of the intern program.  Salon scripting is used to ensure the guest knows that a higher level artist reflects the technical expertise and creative freedoms they have, and price.


Community outreach is essential to growth.  Bii likes to keep a high profile in the community and at charity events.  


Creative ways were established to best make use of time spent with community members.  In order to best create a conversation with parents, for instance, Bii involves children with projects such as hair chalk and braids.

The hair artist team spends time working on the children while the owners and team lead talk to parents to describe our salon and book appointments.  


To provide a little fun for the parents we created a prize wheel.  A person has a chance to win a free haircut, luxury upgrade or samples.  

Bii also serves as sponsor for many events and activities through the chamber of commerce, creating an avenue to trust within the community.


Melding promotional strategies with the education received from manufacturers helps Bii grow.


We have two great brands supporting us that offer four quarters of education.  We work in bi-monthly promo cycles based on the promotions already available from the brands.  In the month prior to the start of the promotion we have the educator from the primary retail feature come in and provide education in support of the promotion.  

By ensuring education received from the lines was in support of the promotions, the team was set up for success to perform above promotional expectations.



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