Exemplary salon culture scores 1 of 6 awards for Bii

January 25, 2017

The Bii Team New Orleans contingent has returned from the Salon Today 200 awards celebration  In addition to the awards, the four collected some knowledge, networking and yes, some good times.


Last blog focused on the first win category: customer service.  This blog will take a look at Bii Hair Salon’s winning take on salon culture.


To spend time at Bii is to see for yourself a team of people who transcend the term “co-workers.” The team is much more like family.  As such, they are well aware that their own success is crucial to the success of all.  They truly understand the concept of “for the good of the whole.”


The formula for this successful salon culture?  Creativity + innovation + education = Bii Hair Salon.


Creativity is core to Bii service providers. Our industry is rooted in trends and new techniques. Identifying new and unusual ways to achieve a look for a guest is crucial.  Creativity goes beyond techniques to include things like the best ways to work as a team. Things like team service, split services and problem solving.


Innovation always has the team seeking new and easier ways to do something.  Team members are encouraged to question the status quo.  Is there a more effective way to do something?  Is it best for the company, the customer and the team member?  Ideas are reviewed on a regular basis.


Education is the third part of the core. We must be educated to do well. You can always learn, and from anyone.  Always be open to listening.


The simplest way to summarize the Bii philosophy for salon culture is the old adage: Don’t piss in the pool.


Just as when you were a child…don’t piss in the pool, it taints the water.  We use the water as symbolism for the culture.  If you are willing to piss in the pool, are you doing what’s right for you and the company?


During performance discussion we use this concept to call out behaviors that don’t support the culture. It brings poor attitudes to the surface and allows for open and productive dialogue about the issues.


Weekly updates for the team are held by the hair artist lead and guest services lead.  If there are cultural issues, the pool example and the core value are utilized to discuss the challenge.


We encourage team members to identify solutions on their own.  It’s expected that if they bring forward a complaint they come with two ways to address/fix it.  This way we empower them to be self-sufficient.


“How” and “what” questions are used to ensure they are open-ended.  We want to guide them to the answer and not just tell them. This encourages the creativity of each team member in every coaching interaction


All serious business, but the old adage “all work and no play makes for dull team members,” does not apply at Bii.  Team celebrations are held twice a year, but even the fun is a teaching tool  Team members have a  scavenger hunt.  The hunt is focused on local businesses and different ways to accomplish the goal within financial budgets set for them.  It allows team members to remember all activities taking place in the company have to respect cashflow and financial operations. It is a real eye opener and gives them the incentive to focus on cost savings measures.


A solid salon culture not only makes for a happier, accomplished team.  The better the culture, the better the guest experience.



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